Recently my son, Anthony and his girlfriend, Bianca told me they were getting married and that they wanted their wedding to reflect all they love about living in the country. They want their wedding to be informal, pretty, stylish, pastoral and individual and realised that all this could be achieved by using some of my collection.

This happened at a time when I was about to give up working full time for a charity and I was wondering what I could do next…. and then it came to me – if Bianca and Anthony wanted to use my vintage and antique pieces for their wedding, perhaps others would too for their own special occasions. I also moved to a little cottage in Loves Lane!

And so, here we are, “Loves Lane Vintage Hire” – excited and happy to hire out pieces from my collection, and able to source other pieces that you might need and I don’t have……. Just yet!

I can supply lovely things for Weddings, Garden Parties, Birthdays, Christmas and more; in fact any occasion where people get together to enjoy themselves.  The areas I cover are Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond.

Have a look through the photos to see what I have and this collection will be ever growing as I can’t stop myself (nor would I want to), from discovering even more beautiful things.